Xiaomi Gaming Laptop – Worth the Risk?

Hey, how’s it going? Dave 2D here. So Xiaomi recently announced their Mi gaming laptop and it’s a product I think a lot of people would be interested in because Xiaomi makes some really good stuff for a pretty good price. This is their Mi Notebook Pro. I’ve done a review of it. Really heavy hitter for it’s price point We’ve seen the Mi Notebook Air also a really good product for the price point.

So on paper it would seem like the Mi Gaming Laptop would be like hey, you know, that sounds pretty cool. So looking at the paper specs and the photos from the press release, they’re pretty impressive. One of the things they do really well is build quality. I think that’s like probably their biggest strength when it comes to what you’d expect at that price. Like, very few laptops at that price point are gonna look like this.

This is one of the best built gaming laptops you’re gonna see at that price point. And looking at the Mi Notebook Pro, it’s just a really well machined laptop. Really clean edges. The occasional sharp edge here and there, like on the bottom they didn’t do the best job with the machining but it’s a really well built laptop.

So I expect the Mi Gaming Laptop to be similar. Their design is quite unique. The hinge looks a lot like that piston hinge we’ve seen on the HP Spectre and I used to have concerns about that hinge design but it’s actually really good. The design of this whole Mi Gaming Laptop looks quite simple. It’s this muted look.

Grey slab. No red accents. No logos.

The only Xiaomi branding is at the bottom of the screen. Kinda like the Notebook Pro. And it’s a good look. It’s actually one of the least gamer-looking laptops I’ve seen, which I like. The bottom of that laptop seems to have some kind of RGB lighting for some underglow but aside from that it’s nothing crazy on the exterior. If yu need some cash for this notebook, why don`t you check some casino games in canada.

The screen on the Mi Gaming Laptop is supposed to have a 72% NTSC rating, which is actually the exact same rating as the one on the Mi Notebook Pro and it might be the same screen, it might not I kinda hope it isn’t because this screen wasn’t — I mean it’s not terrible but it’s not [a] great gaming laptop screen so hopefully they changed it up a little bit but the Mi Gaming Laptop was supposed to take a lot of build and design cues from the Mi Notebook Pro which is actually a good thing, this thing had great Dolby Atmos speakers and I think the gaming laptop will as well. It’s gonna have that good keyboard layout, but this time with RGB and macro keys, and it’s going to be running a Windows Precision trackpad, which is always good to see on any kind of laptop. The ports look pretty good. Xiaomi does ports well – they kinda stick a whole bunch of ports into most of their laptops and for the most part, people are happy, they don’t care too much about the whole minimalism and stuff like that.

Performance – they’re running an i5 that’s comboed with a GTX 1050 Ti Or the i7 with the GTX 1060. Now that’s obviously going to affect the price, but the thing that’s kind of extra cool is the cooling. So, Xiaomi’s saying it’s going to be the coolest, high-performance laptop on the market. And honestly, I believe them because look at this thing, this was the Notebook Pro and Despite this thing only having an MX150, they’ve designed it well so you can crank the voltage up really easily. Now, that thermal performance comes at a cost, and that is weight.

So if you look at the paper specs and you kinda don’t look at the height, it’s actually heavier than I thought it would be and I think a lot of that weight comes from that thermal solution because they’re running five heatpipes and those things are not light. Ok, the last thing I want to talk about is pricing. And this is kind of the most important part of this video. Xiaomi products tend to kind of capture the interest of people in North America and Europe because they tend to be cheaper than their counterparts and I was surprised at how expensive the Mi Gaming Laptop is, if you look at the pricing of – I guess similarly designed products, so relatively thinner and lighter gaming laptops that are well built. The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop doesn’t stick out as being an amazing value because the gaming laptop market, especially in that GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1060 segment. That’s a very, very competitive segment.

Like you’re seeing like twenty, thirty laptops in that kind of – performance range so pricing ranging from $800 to I don’t know, $2000 at the top end, so this Xiaomi product it’s not super cheap – it’s not that it’s like expensive or anything, but you always take a risk when you’re buying a product like this – at least right now – the brand isn’t represented well in North America or Europe, you kind of have to be in Asia to obtain this thing, so there’s a bit of a risk when it comes to buying something like this. And it’s just that I don’t feel like for most people that live outside of the Asian market – I don’t think it’s worth it to really purchase this, this Xiaomi Gaming Laptop. It kind of took me for a surprise.

I expect it to be cheaper. I’m sure it’s a great product, and you’re getting really, really good build quality with cool underglow and some really great thermal performance, but when you kind of look at the grand picture, and you see the other options that are available, it’s not that it’s a bad product, it’s just not nearly as compelling of a purchase as other Xiaomi products have been where the price is just like, “Wow! That’s so much cheaper!”

This gaming laptop from Xiaomi, I’m lukewarm about it, so I’ll probably do a review when that thing comes in, but – I don’t think anyone should be preordering that thing and be like, “Oh this is like the best value,” because quite frankly, I don’t think it is. Ok, hopefully you guys enjoyed this video, thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it. See you guys next time!