How to make Olive Soap by yourself

Lavander and olive soap Dobre Mylo

Hello, everybody. This is Alina Tytarenko from Dobre Mylo in the Kyiv region, Ukraine. Today I am going to present to you the making of one of the soaps that I make in my shop. That is very, very simple. It’s called Pure Olive and there are only two ingredients in this soap.

Besides the lye water. My stock pot is right now filled with extra virgin olive oil, and here will go some lavender, essential oil And that’s it. It is a castile soap, meaning that the base oil is 100 % olive oil, and it will need to dry for a long time before it’s ready to be sold, because olive oil will make a soap that will kind of go mushy really quickly. Once you use it, if it’s not dried properly, Usually you would dry these soaps from six to twelve months. Mine goes on the six month drying period because I cut back in some of the water from my lye water so that I can have it ready on time for summer. Let’S take a look at the making of this soap.

Here’s my stockpot, I’m putting it on the stove top and I’m gonna slightly warm the base oil just so that my lye water and my base oil are nearly the same temperature when they meet each other. This will be only warmed slightly. Oh then check this out. This is a KitchenAid commercial series, immersion blender that was sent to me by KitchenAid.

It was given to me as a gift. These are just like the small ones except they’re, bigger and commercial.

This is my small KitchenAid that I have. We can compare the size. The shaft here is also removable. Let me try and remove it There. We go it’s removable, so I can wash the bottom part of it and I’m gon na have to put it back on.

I need something to protect my hands to do this. It’S very metallic. It is really sharp here.

This is gon na, be the first time that I’m trying out this new stick blender. So if I put it right beside my stockpot no longer will I have the edge of my stick: blender kind of dipping in the raw soap and whenever I make my big big batches in my new pot tipper, it’s also gon na be much easier to work With so I’m gon na plug this baby in and we’re gon na make some soap. Okay, I’m all ready to make this soap first thing: I’m gon na do is I’m gon na add my essential oil into the mix and I’m gon na make sure that this is well dispersed within the oil and there’s a safety switch on top. So if I try to press it, it won’t work. So I need to unlock choose my speed setting and I want it to be on low right now.

Is it on low it wasn’t low, so even low is pretty high. I’M gon na show you worth it, and so this is the slow setting and here fast-setting. Okay, so you know, go get my lye water and add it to this oil and lavender mixture make sure this is unload, because the high sitting is pretty high. I think I’m gon na keep the high setting for when I use my big pot tipper, but no I’m going to add my lye water, which has cooled down.

I’M gon na try to pour this down the shaft of my stick. Blender, just like I usually do this immersion blender is so powerful that whenever I press the button to make it go on it kind of pulls to the bottom like when I make a castile soap, I like to tour at a medium to fit trace. Otherwise, like the next day when I unmold and cut myself, it’s kind of crumbly, so here you can see that the texture is really nice and thickly.

This is what I’m looking for. I’M gon na turn it off blenders. Wait can’t go on anymore and I’m gon na remove the excess from the stick blender and make sure it goes all into my part. Tap tap cuz. You never want to go into a stick blender with a spatula when it is plugged in, even though you know that you turned it off, because this soap is a little thick, I’m gon na kind of smooth out the top.

I’m gon na take a little spatula and try and smooth out the top of my soup. I have cut the soaps once and the final bar soap that I want to be and creating is this sighs? This is actually one of my pure olive soaps from last year, and it’s really hard and rock solid and still smells awesome all right. Let’S put these back in the cutter. I would like to thank KitchenAid Canada for giving me this amazing and huge immersion blender, and I did like using it.

It was the first time the only difference with my regular tiny KitchenAid stick blenders is that it really is strong, so it does cause the soap to accelerate and trace faster. So next time, rather than just like blending all the way in, I think it will pulse, but this will be an amazing tool like any new tool. I need to learn how to work with it, but soon it’ll be my new best friend. Thank you. So much for reading the making of this lavender castile soap in our shop. We call it pure olive.

It is such a nice and lovely soap. It doesn’t lather much, but it’s really moisturizing olive oil will create soaps that have really tight and little bubbles, but it’s so nice and a different feeling on the skin. You should totally try a castile soap if you’ve never done so.

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