Backgammon Equipment

On this page, we’ve assembled a list and breakdown of the tools and materials you’ll need to play backgammon in its old-fashioned, ‘live’ variety. As with any game perhaps, it’s probably a good idea – and can be a lot of fun – to learn the game “in the flesh” before playing on the internet.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll need to begin:

  • 1 Backgammon board or layout.
  • 30 stones/checkers (15 in one color & 15 in another).
  • A pair of regular six-sided dice (One pair will suffice, but usually each player has a pair).
  • A dice cup used to shake and randomly cast the dice.
  • A doubling cube, which is a six-sided die with the numerals 2,4,8,16,32 & 64. This is used to keep track of the number of units at stake in a game.

To find, browse, or buy any of these items, check out some of the links we’ve provided below to online backgammon stores/outlets:

Links to Online Backgammon Shops

This family-run business, based out of Athens, Greece (considered by many the original birthplace of backgammon), offers a wide array of quality merchandise at reasonable prices. They have an extensive catalogue of non-backgammon products as well. They also produce Chess Sets, Playing Cards, Clocks, Board Games and more. Very Good Site!

Established in 1994, this German online backgammon store is well laid-out, easy to navigate, and offers a particularly good selection of products. Recommended for Europeans as an alternative to the majority of American-run online stores, as shipping charges will be less.

Devoted exclusively to backgammon, the people at know their stuff. A bit expensive, but if you are after quality products from knowledgeable sources, this site is for you. A toll-free number is available for Americans, and overseas orders are taken as well.

Large and well put-together, the store at this site can satisfy nearly all of your backgammon needs. Products are divided into four sections: Boards & Sets, Accessories, Books, and Software. Definitely worth a visit.

This large site specializes in all gambling and casino supplies, and has a solid selection of backgammon-related products. Located in Brooklyn, NY, the majority of their clients are American. In fact, they don’t appear to be too interested in the over-seas market. Backgammon represents only a limited aspect of the company’s portfolio.

Named Backgammon A la Carte, this is a very basic and unattractive online store based out of Flint, Michigan USA. However, they have a solid collection of backgammon books and the prices are pretty reasonable.

A very average online shop devoted to all backgammon topics and materials. Originally a Danish venture, they went online and international in 1999 but certainly could benefit from a makeover. The site has some valuable information about the products themselves, although most of it is designed with the goal of making you spend more money.

Claims to be America’s largest chess store and with one look at their catalogue, you may not think that’s too far from the truth. In addition to chess, however, they also stock a large collection of backgammon boards, accessories, and books. A toll-free number is available in the US, and international orders can be placed through email.